I am still using the tools and techniques you gave to me during our coaching sessions.  I just had my annual review with my manager yesterday.  She pointed out that my approach to many situations has changed and she sees the sustainment of what I learned.  Your coaching has helped me both personally and professionally.  I cannot thank you enough.

Larry Sullentrup, PMP

Program Manager, PBS
Small Caliber Systems
Orbital ATK, Inc.

Tom’s knowledge and insight in the talent management and leadership development arenas are matched by few.  I was fortunate to work closely with Tom on the development and delivery of several highly effective programs and valued his input immensely.  He’s a “go to guy” and a collaborator who can take fuzzy problems and work them through to solution, bringing others along with him as he goes.

Suzette Taylor

VP, HR/Organizational Development

Tom Newhouse is an excellent executive coach, facilitator and trainer. His experience in organizational development is very broad.  Tom has a knack for quickly getting to the root cause of a problem/challenge.  When coaching others, he strikes a nice balance of demonstrating compassion and empathy while ensuring that there is accountability for change.  In the 15-plus years that I have worked with Tom, I have frequently relied upon his knowledge, expertise and wisdom.

Patti Soule

Director, Human Resources
Armament Systems Division
Orbital ATK, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of coaching with Tom for a year.  I have found him to be curious, open, and honest.  He has the ability to listen between the lines and offers empathy and encouragement….His ability to analyze, learn from the sharing of the client, and hone in on the things that are necessary to move forward is an excellent skill….Tom’s skills are matched by his great care and desire to see his clients succeed.

Rev. Sharletta M. Green

Elder, United Methodist Church
Chair, West Virginia Board of Ordained Ministry

Tom has been a personal coach of mine for many years.  He has mentored me through first-time assignments, personnel conflicts, personal time management, and, especially, creating effective team environments.  We have discussed hard one-on-one meetings with troubled employees and how to negotiate improvement plans.  As a team leader, Tom helped me understand: the team environment; how different personality types interact; how to balance quick decisions with ones that require complete team buy in; and how to get team consensus.  Tom has vast experience with management at all levels.

Pete Lodder

Manager, Tooling Engineering
Aerospace Structures Division
Orbital ATK, Inc.

Tom was an asset to me as a coach.  What I liked best is that he got to know a little about me at first and we went through my 360 evaluation….His explanation was second to none….Tom has very good structure and focuses on topics that you want to work on.  We came up with goals at the beginning, and we would make sure that I was on task with them. I felt that I could talk to him about work-related topics as well as how my personal life may be driving some behaviors.  He was very good at not letting me off of the hook and we had some discussions that were not easy, but in the end I was glad we had them.

Dave Habets

Manager in Operations
Aerospace Structures Division
Orbital ATK, Inc.

Tom accompanied me through a process of reflection and focusing that has led me to a greater clarity of purpose and helped me design some personal management processes to maintain a sense of urgency as I pursue my goals.  By investing a relatively small amount of time in our discussions and following through on some of the ideas we generated, I’ve been able to dramatically increase my rate of progress in achieving my milestones.  Tom is a sympathetic listener who can ask challenging questions and give space for reflection, which suited my needs extremely well.

Andrew Bunting

Chief Energy Officer at Deltago
Previously Marketing Manager
at Intel Corp. EMEA

Tom’s approach and methods are very personalized to the individual.  Tom took the time to understand me as an individual and coached me in the areas where I could have the greatest benefit by providing direct and honest feedback.  Tom does his homework and is very skilled as a coach and mentor.

Jason Burns

Program Manager
Aerospace Structures Division
Orbital ATK, Inc

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