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Welcome to my leadership development blog!  All entries are short, direct, and conversational. Interestingly, they are written from the point of view of a rifle named “Shot.”  In so doing, I am combining my leadership coaching and a book I authored under the pen name of Willard Jackson.  (The book is entitled Shot: A Rifle’s True Tales of a Prairie Farm.)  From Shot, you’ll learn proven characteristics and practices of leadership: aim straight, hang with winners, put safety first, use the right ammo for the right effect, and so on.  Expect some rifle lore along the way.

Hi. I’m Shot. More than my name, shot is my condition: worn, rusted, and broken in two. I have been around a long time, and I’ve gone through a lot of “situations” . . . What I was, and still am, though disabled, is a Model 67 Winchester .22 caliber long-barrel rimfire rifle, a bolt-action single-shot equipped with a wing-style safety. With a rear, adjustable sight, I was crafted in the day of marksmanship—one shot was all that was needed.

Enjoy his wisdom on leadership!