Strategic Collaboration


  • Generating good ideas without being parochial
  • Making decisions that are sound and supported
  • Solving problems to isolate root causes
  • Anticipating problems, especially for plans, and mitigating them
  • Building strategic plans that are endorsed and executed
  • Negotiating/orchestrating deals, action plans, etc. with other parties
  • Building consensus
  • Resolving or managing conflict


Trained as Kepner Tregoe problem solving and decision making facilitator, Tom has led teams in making major decisions, finding root causes to problems and assessing plans to identify potential future trouble and incorporate actions to head off that trouble or mitigate it.

Trained by the Delta Group, Tom has led organizations in developing strategic plans.  His approach is value-centered while accounting for internal and external realities.

Trained through an instructor from Cornell University, Tom has taught interest-based negotiation and facilitated a three-month union-management agreement employing that approach.

Also, Tom has had specific intervention training, such as Crucial Conversations and Influencer, and has countered numerous group and interpersonal rifts and has led teams to generate genuine consensus.

How Tom Can Help

Coaching is a first choice: you know you, your business and your context.  With an empowering facilitative coach, who knows what questions to ask, you can build solid plans and execute them.  However, if coaching only yields weak variations of your tried approaches, consulting can surface proven approaches that you can incorporate.

Some teams respond superbly to direct intervention. Their ideas are used, although they are martialed to match a proven methodology.  In the end, the team evaluates and adjusts the emergent actions.  This ensures effectiveness.

In some cases, facilitation is simply too passive. Instead, interruption with a strong hand is needed to re-order a situation.  Consider established conflict and un-yielding problems.  Preferably, you would take this role yourself after coaching, but at times an external resource proffers better results.

Developing knowledge and skills can go a long way. Personal or group instruction is available.