Personal Effectiveness

Having authored a workshop guide entitled Our Personal Development Toward A Life’s Work, Tom is aware of deep perspectives that shape one’s self-concept and how they affect the roles one plays in life. He can help surface, shape, and deploy those perspectives to unleash unique and powerful forces.

Strategic Collaboration

Trained as Kepner Tregoe problem solving and decision making facilitator, Tom has led teams in making major decisions, finding root causes to problems, and assessing plans to identify potential future trouble and incorporate actions to head off that trouble or mitigate it.

Oral Presentations

Tom earned two degrees in speech communication. He has also taught public speaking in high school and college, and he coached competitive speech teams to be highly successful. In industry, he “scrubbed” speakers and their speeches before they were “released,” and he designed and taught a comprehensive oral presentations course covering a variety of speaking challenges.

Building a Performance Culture

In the 80’s Tom developed a performance modeling system that revolutionized a company. He designed it based on sound principles of human and organizational behavior, and he facilitated its execution with leadership.

Building Effective Teams

Tom taught the first and second level courses on group dynamics at Montana State University. Since joining industry, he trained with Cotter Associates for practical team building, and he has led many teams in matters of team formation, re-formation, trust building, goal and measures incorporation, and accommodating change.


For over 30 years Tom taught leadership development in industry. He developed comprehensive, core courses as well as specialty courses, always basing his courses in solid research and proven principles.