Building a Performance Culture



  • Identifying critical, engaging goals—results
  • Distinguishing goals amidst a whirlwind of activity
  • Establishing meaningful, motivating metrics
  • Isolating key actions or projects to propel results
  • Developing a “Balanced Scorecard” to reflect business performance
  • Communicating for accountability and engagement
  • Delegating clearly with readiness for appropriate action
  • Providing feedback and coaching to stimulate higher performance
  • Shaping culture to make the above natural


In the 80’s Tom developed a performance modeling system that revolutionized a company.  He designed it based on sound principles of human and organizational behavior, and he facilitated its execution with leadership.  Since then, he has designed four more performance management systems in different companies and for different needs.  In one case, he developed Balanced Scorecards to guide the focus and reporting of sub-businesses.

In addition, Tom has taught and consulted on delegation, feedback and coaching.  These activities routinely serve up results.  One more:  Tom has led engagement assessments and interventions, so those below the leader are self-generators.

How Tom Can Help

Empowerment coaching will surface your deep beliefs about performance management. It will draw out ideas of design or execution that are your own, so you can lead with naturalness and confidence.  Thus, all you say and do will coincide with your approach to goal setting and accountability.  You may need to consider grounded insights and proven models.  As with whole businesses that have struggled in this arena, even though they have many “experts,” a coordinated, proven approach may warrant your exploration.  That’s when Tom’s expertise will take you where coaching alone cannot.

Keep in mind that “facilitation” means to make easy.  As Tom has many times done with others, he can lead you or your team through processes working directly on your content to come up with goals, measures, projects and priorities to propel extraordinary business results.

Training on delegation, feedback, coaching or engagement can be arranged for persons one-to-one or for groups, and it can be done in-person or online.