Personal Effectiveness


  • Knowing and accepting oneself
  • Identifying and establishing a values foundation
  • Organizing around a unifying vision
  • Being unique yet powerful
  • Having mindfulness
  • Exercising the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
  • Knowing and exercising one’s natural strengths
  • Interacting with conversational intelligence
  • Applying social style and versatility for interpersonal effectiveness
  • Being assertive without aggressiveness
  • Using one’s behavioral style with impact amidst other styles
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence


Having authored a workshop guide entitled Our Personal Development Toward A Life’s Work, Tom is aware of deep perspectives that shape one’s self-concept and how they affect the roles one plays in life. He can help surface, shape and deploy those perspectives to unleash unique and powerful forces.
Tom’s focus is practical. Certified to teach Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers, he develops skills that make one effective. He has foundational knowledge of Social Styles, having been associated with its core research while in graduate school. Beyond that Tom is certified by TTI as a Behavioral Analyst and can analyze DISC styles and guide related action planning. He is also a student of conversational intelligence and is a certified Strengths Finder coach.

How Tom Can Help

“Know thyself,” said Socrates. With coaching you can do that, discovering your greatness and using it as a foundation to be naturally and confidently effective.  Tapping into you intrapersonally will position you to engage interpersonally.  You will come to use your style to negotiate effectively with others and then to influence and lead them.  If coaching leaves you stuck, brief, overt guidance will get you flowing again.

Typically exercises are folded into coaching, but they can be distinct interventions to help you unpack yourself and elect strategies to interact effectively with others.

Here too, assessments are normally incorporated into coaching. At times, however, they may be initiators.  Working through assessments, such as ones to find your strengths or to compare your style to others, will stimulate valuable discoveries and rich planning.